Ginseng Honey for Men

Ginseng Honey for fertilization and increase the strengthen of sperm


A plant with roots similar to radish roots with innumerable benefits, such as:

   Fertilization and increase the strengthen of sperm

   Gives the body energy and vitality.

   Strengthens the heart muscle – improves memory.

   Ginseng plant boosts the reproductive system for both men and women.

   Ginseng plant helps regulate and boost the secretion of the vital hormone, testosterone.

   Improves mood, which increases the efficiency and vitality of sexual activity.

   Reduces prostate problems, especially for the elderly. Aphrodisiac.

   Useful for diabetics, and those suffering from infertility and lack of energy.

Mode of Use

Take one tablespoon of honey dissolved in half a glass of lukewarm water. This helps your body absorb all its beneficial properties. Give half a tablespoon to children three times daily, one hour before meals. And to keep you healthy, Mujeza Honey can be consumed as desired.

Active Ingredients, Blend for Men:

   Mountain Sader Honey

   Royal Jelly


   Red Ginseng Powder

   Palm pollen

   Black Seed (Nigella sativa)

   Zallouh Powder

   Tongkat Ali



   Ganoderma powder

   Ganoderma extract

Types of Ginseng

Chinese Ginseng – Korean and Russian Ginseng.
Sold in pharmacies, honey and herb shops. Comes in the form of roots resembling radish roots, crushed, or a liquid.


The size(s) are available in 500 g.

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